About us

About us at Scanmatic

Business idea

With a focus on our customers' requirements and wishes, we will manufacture, develop
and service machines for handling bulk material.

Business description

Scanmatic manufactures pneumatic and mechanical conveying systems for bulk materials for internal handling of small and large volumes in factories worldwide. The heart of our systems is the pneumatic conveying principle.

Scanmatic has its own range of standard valves and components used in our systems. This is to secure spare parts deliveries and to be a competitive and complete supplier of these components to our customers.

Scanmatic provide their customers with:

  • A reliable and long-term partner with quality systems where constantly improved routines and instructions govern the organization
  • Control and responsibility of delivered equipment through first-class service organization
  • Products and engineering with "know how" from small and large projects worldwide

Transporting with Scanmatic's pneumatic conveying system means:

  • The absolute best transport based on your conditions
  • 100% closed systems
  • Correct transport quantity (±0, 3kg/100kg)
  • High reliability

Product range

Material handling

  • Pneumatic and mechanical conveying systems for powders and granules
  • Systems for fully automatic bag emptying
  • Unloading facilities
  • Compactor facilities

Company profile

Company name Scanmatic Pneumatic Conveying Systems AB
Address Södra Vallg. 2, 265 31 Åstorp, Sverige
Phone +46 (0) 42 – 504 25
Reg. no. 556700-7405
Bank Swedbank AB
Bank transfer 5841-6629
Bank contacts Göran Persson, Bank manager
Number of employees 15 st
Annual turnover 25 to 30 MSEK
Year of establishment 1989
CEO/Chairman of the Board Heinz Bertram
Premises Welding halls 1120 m2
Machining 240 m2
Assembly hall 240 m2
Painting hall 240 m2
Storage space 720 m2