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With a focus on our customers ' needs and desires, we manufacture, development and service of machinery for the handling of the bulkgodsmaterial.


Scanmatic manufacturing and logistics systems for the bulkformiga the material for the internal use of high-volume factories around the world. The heart of our system is the air transportprincip.

Scanmatic have a range of standard portlights, and the components used in our systems. This is to ensure the delivery of spare parts, and to be able to be competitive, and full-service supplier of those products to our customers.

Scanmatic provide their customers with:

  • As a trusted long-term partner of quality systems that implement the continuous improvement of the procedures and instructions governing the organisation
  • The control and ownership of the delivered equipment from top-notch sales and service network
  • The products and the engineering ”know-how” from over 35 years of experience in the

To transport with the Scanmatics, pneumatic transport systems, is the:

  • The absolute best of the shipment according to Your conditions,
  • A 100 % closed-loop system
  • The proper medium delivery rate operating (±0, 3kg/100 kg)
  • High reliability

Product line

Material handling

  • Air transport facilities for the powder and granular
  • The System of automatic säcktömning
  • Loading facilities
  • Komprimeringsanläggningar

Company profile

NameScanmatic Conveying Systems ltd
AddressSödra Vallg. 2, 265 31 Åstorp, Sverige
Phone+46 (0) 42 – 504 25
Reg. no.556700-7405
BankSwedbank AB
Bank transfer5841-6629
Bank contactsGöran Persson, The Manager Of A Bank
Number of employeesFifteen
Annual turnover25 to 30 M
The PRESIDENT Styrelseorf.Mr Bertram
The premises of theSvetshallar 1120 m2
Cutting, 240 m2
Assembly shop of the 240 m2
Målningshall to 240 m2
The storage area of 720 m2